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SKU: 126351351935

Ideal to rescue lactations when you have low production, helping with the stimulation of breast milk and re-educating the baby's suction.

It has 3 nedflex 20 ml cone tip syringes that can be used with your  8 number 5 probes pennine brand  which is the finest on the market almost imperceptible in the baby's mouth.

Remember that if you do not know how to use it, you can take advice with  @clubdelactancia.


Deliveries in:

-Return point in Peñalolén

-Shipments to Santiago (fixed charge)

-Shipping to Regions to be paid through  Starken (10% discount on shipments)  .


    We make product or money returns if you receive a product in poor factory condition.

    If you receive a product with a size (such as leggings) and it is too big for you, we can fix the same garment since we have a tailoring workshop. On the contrary, if the size is too small for you, there will be no return of the product.

    You will have 48 hours to request your refund or product exchange from the moment you receive it.

    If the product was removed or used, the product cannot be exchanged, it must be identical to how it was delivered.

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