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The Club de Lactancia was born motivated by our experience in the world of Motherhood, pregnancy and the puerperium.


The birth of our children  It has been the door to find what we are most passionate about in life, which is to be able to share and give a hand to all those families who are going through a difficult time in their Lactation, Pregnancy or Motherhood, supporting with advice  and products specialized in these processes to make your life easier  and rich!

  In our experience we could observe that there was a lot of fear and misinformation in relation to pre and postpartum care, generating a lot of insecurity in the process, which affects the daily well-being of the baby  and home.  


We learned that our puppies need the same care and support that the uterus gave them ... They need to feel safe, with rich warmth, in movement and with a lot of love.

To achieve this mom  She has to feel the same way ... in a safe, comfortable place, not attacked, with a really committed companion, family support in things around the house and having positive comments that encourage her to continue.

When we started doing Breastfeeding Support Groups (GALM) we realized that the tribes of mothers and fathers  significantly reduce visits to pediatric emergency rooms, because families share experiences, wisdom  and information ! Y  it's like that  how we achieve that they increase their security and trust  in her maternal instinct.

In 2016 we started with the Consultancies  breastfeeding and little by little we have been incorporating more types of counseling , workshops and  Products that every family needs when  starting on the course of parenting. After  After 4 years of experimenting, we opened the Virtual Store which has been a success  total reaching all of Chile with our handmade products!

Already many families have and continue to enjoy our services, products and tribe.

We invite you to be part of our community in a different way, entertaining, creative, with all the grit and full of love!

We leave you a hug!

Macarena @Clubdelactancia and Daniel @Tienditaclubdelactancia

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