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6 myths about breastfeeding

Because when we talk about breastfeeding there are thousands of myths !!! Here we share the 6 most classic!

1-Breastfeeding deforms the breasts.

The main breast change occurs during pregnancy, regardless of whether the mother is breastfeeding or not. In all women, the breasts are deformed little by little depending on age, genetic factors, and amount of body fat.

2-You have to drink a lot of water, you have to drink a lot of milk, you have to eat more.

The mother must follow a varied and balanced diet, above 1800 calories and drink the liquid that she wants according to her thirst. Milk production improves when you overeat, or drink more milk, or drink more fluids.

3-You have to organize the schedule of the feedings, so that the baby regulates himself and learns.

Breastfeeding should be "on demand", without a fixed schedule, allowing the baby to decide when and how much to eat, since frequent sucking and emptying of the breast are the main stimuli to ensure an abundant milk production. Supporting the environment for production is also key.

4-If you give him every time he asks you spoil him.

Babies not only need the milk that feeds them but also physical contact and affection, essential for a secure attachment, which will be the basis of your confidence and future self-esteem.

5-You must always give both breasts in each feeding.

The first breast should be well emptied before offering the other. So that the baby gets the milk that is richer in fat than you leave at the end and to maintain milk production. Some babies only feed one breast at a time.

6-The normal thing is that breastfeeding hurts.

Pain in breastfeeding indicates that something is wrong. It is a sign of poor grip infection or other problems in the breast.

What did you think of these myths? Have you heard them before? Let us know.

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