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9 Tips for Tandem Breastfeeding

Did you come to a time when you meet 2 creatures who want to take a tit? Luckily you have two tits! Why not give them together, in tandem?

One obvious advantage of tandem breastfeeding when it comes to twins or twins is that you don't have to spend all day and night breastfeeding (baby A first, then baby B, and then baby A and so on).

And another advantage is that if we have 2 children with different ages it will be to be able to enjoy this beautiful connection of brothers with mother, remember that the tit is much more than food!

Here we give you some tips to do it in complete peace of mind!

1.You can do it in both twins and children of different ages. In the latter case, it is important to always feed the one who needs it most first and reach an agreement with the greatest. (Your milk will be made for the most defenseless)

2-If you are pregnant and you are breastfeeding your largest baby, it is possible that the gynecologist will tell you that you must wean, which is FALSE! Although there is an increase in oxytocin (the hormone also responsible for contractions), if you do not have a high-risk pregnancy, you do not have to wean!

3. When we are pregnant and breastfeeding (especially at the beginning of pregnancy) you may have a lot of sensitivity in the nipples and that may make you want to wean. And for that, the magical olive oil can help with elasticity and regeneration.

4-Prepare the place and ask for help, having 2 is not the same as just 1, (especially if they are newborns) it would be ideal to have the support of family and friends or if your pocket gives you, a babysitter. When you start to breastfeed, put the pillows or nursing cushions (there are special ones for twins) and ask someone to bring you closer to each of the babies, so that you can take them one by one. If you are alone, get on the floor in front of the sofa (with lots of pillows).

Adjust the pillow to your waist and place the babies one at a time on the pillow, then give them a breast.

Find the correct position to breastfeed. Try to put the two babies in the most comfortable position, you have to try, be it basket, rugby or even horse! You can use pillows to get comfortable. Experiment until both you and your babies are comfortable.

6 Alternate breasts. Here you have to be careful because there is always a baby smaller than another and the fun of this is that we can help the most park with the suction of the strongest, what do I mean by this, the stronger baby will stimulate the teat more and will make more production, that's when we can put the smallest baby on the teat with the highest production (who made the largest) to help him climb! And likewise put the bigger baby on the breast with less production to stimulate him better! How wonderful is nature?

7 Breastfeeding triplets (or more). If you have to breastfeed three or more babies, breastfeed two of them at the same time and then the third, remembering to change the sucking time of the baby alone.

8 Do what suits you best. Don't worry if tandem breastfeeding isn't right for you, even with practice. You can give one of the babies with a cup, spoon, tube or even bottle (with expressed milk or formula, if you are supplementing) while you breastfeed the other (and then switch), or breastfeed one after the other. The important thing is to do what works for you and your babies. Remember to establish a good fit so as not to cause nipple confusion if you decide to use a bottle.

Focus on the coupling. Breastfeeding more times should not cause the nipples to be sore or cracked; the pain is usually due to a poor grip. So if your nipples are very sensitive, try olive oil or hydrogel patches (I love multimam brand) to relieve pain and spend more time working on the coupling with each baby.

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